*Backstroking All Night In The Starpool

*The Sheriffs' Murder Cases

*The Foxes and The Hounds: Volume I, Big Medicine River Days

*The Sheriff of Frozen's Murder Cases

*The Sheriff of Hell's Murder Case

*The Foxes and The Hounds: Volume II, Bluegrass Days

*Maytown Magic & Mayhem

*Radiance So Bright

*Beaver Creek: The Beauty and the Burden


About Chestnut Hill...

Chestnut Hill Publishing, LLC was formed in 2006, as a result of a donor’s generosity. The individual, who wished to remain anonymous, requested only that Chestnut Hill Publishing (CHP) concentrate on Appalachian writing and writers, and that subject matter not include the often stereotypical portrayals of this diverse and colorful region.

The first work published by CHP featured the novels of Dr. Jack Justin Turner, a native of Southeastern Kentucky. Dr. Turner, through decades of research and access to records thought sealed for decades, presented an unprecedented and accurate picture of his native area in two different trilogies: The Foxes and the Hounds and The Cumberland Mountain Trilogy, and in a non-fiction book, Maytown Magic and Mayhem: Fifty Years of Mountain Basketball. In addition to the non-fiction work, CHP has published four of the novels thus far, with the last two works of fiction also scheduled for publication in the near future.

After the publication of the final novels in each of Dr. Turner’s trilogies, CHP will consider submission of work by others, including novels, novellas, non-fiction and poetry. Since CHP is a small publishing house, other works cannot be considered at this time. Please check back with us, at this site, for information regarding guidelines for future submissions to CHP.



The Sheriffs' Trilogy is complete!

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Novels Coming Soon...

*The Foxes and The Hounds: volume III, Colorado Days