*BackstrokingĀ All Night In The Starpool

*The Sheriffs' Murder Cases

*The Foxes and The Hounds: Volume I, Big Medicine River Days

*The Sheriff of Frozen's Murder Cases

*The Sheriff of Hell's Murder Case

*The Foxes and The Hounds: Volume II, Bluegrass Days

*Maytown Magic & Mayhem

*Radiance So Bright

*Beaver Creek: The Beauty and the Burden


Backstroking All Night in the Starpool...

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Nancy Allen Rose

Backstroking All Night in the Starpool, a collection of 62 poems written in Kentucky, Montana and elsewhere, are poems from growing up in Appalachia to hiking, camping and teaching in Montana, and experiencing the world in Spain, Japan and other cultures. Poems celebrating nature, friends, family, music, and dealing with hard earned insights and death, as well as hope for what's unfolding.

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*The Foxes and The Hounds: volume III, Colorado Days