*BackstrokingĀ All Night In The Starpool

*The Sheriffs' Murder Cases

*The Foxes and The Hounds: Volume I, Big Medicine River Days

*The Sheriff of Frozen's Murder Cases

*The Sheriff of Hell's Murder Case

*The Foxes and The Hounds: Volume II, Bluegrass Days

*Maytown Magic & Mayhem

*Radiance So Bright

*Beaver Creek: The Beauty and the Burden


Beaver Creek: The Beauty and the Burden...

Book Cover

S.T. Allen

This small book is a cozy collection of award-winning short stories, of the old and new, of times past and present, of love and misunderstanding, and a remarkable demonstration of the wide-ranging talents of the author. The short stories take the reader from happy memories to shocking reality and back again to thoughtful insights about ourselves and the human condition.

The Sheriffs' Trilogy is complete!

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*The Foxes and The Hounds: volume III, Colorado Days