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Maytown Magic and Mayhem:
Fifty Years of Mountain Basketball...

The Sheriffs' Murder Cases book imageJack Justin Turner and S.T. Allen

Maytown Magic and Mayhem: Fifty Years of Mountain Basketball is perhaps the most comprehensive, yet intimate, book ever written about a small town and its sports teams.

A native of Langley, Kentucky, who played basketball for Maytown High School, the primary author of this non-fiction book, Dr. Jack Justin Turner, was himself a remarkably gifted basketball player, who still is tied for the eighth most rebounds ever in a Kentucky high school game. He knew and loved Maytown and its sports teams, and Maytown Magic and Mayhem: Fifty Years of Mountain Basketball is his final tribute to Maytown’s players, the opposing teams and their players, and the coaches – all of whom made Kentucky Mountain basketball different from anywhere on earth.

When Dr. Turner was unable, because of failing health, to finish Maytown Magic and Mayhem, S.T. Allen – who also played sports for Maytown – agreed to finish the book. The result of their combined efforts is a story of a small town filled with ordinary people who did extraordinary things.

Readers will discover the tiny village that produced the airman who dropped the first bombs on Italy in WW II, the man who revolutionized computerized voting, a young woman who single-handedly pulled a wrecked car off her brother, an individual who shot down seven Japanese Zeroes, the youngest bank president in America, world-class physicians, entrepreneurs, educators, authors, and – of course – great basketball players and teams, including a special team that battled valiantly against history.

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