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Radiance So Bright...

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S.T. Allen

What would you do if you were faced with the choice between having superhuman powers, or the attraction of the opposite sex, or realizing the God in humanity? That is the difficult question faced by the young person in S.T. Allen’s remarkable debut novel.

In a small Appalachian town in the mid to late 1950s, seemingly miraculous things happen. No child’s arms go empty on Easter or Christmas mornings, and Daniel Turner’s mysterious great-uncle shows his nephew a path to an inner world where anything is possible. Within that world, Daniel must choose between earthly pleasures, supernatural powers, or Eternal Love. He discovers that the choice is everyone’s to make, if only they are willing and know the Way.

Daniel wants desperately to become a great athlete, but he is short and not exceptionally gifted. His world-traveled great-uncle has studied the origins of many world religions, has been initiated into “the mysteries of the beyond,” and tries to deter the young boy from seeking earthly, external power.

What transpires in Radiance So Bright is more than a coming of age story, more than a sports story; and instead is a magical story of growth, of overcoming ignorance, prejudice and the self-imposed limitations that each of us allows our mind to place upon our inner greatness

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