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S. T. Allen...

S. T. Allen imageS. T. Allen was born and reared in the hills of Southeastern Kentucky and now lives in Central Kentucky. He has been writing award-winning short stories since his teenage years, has published a chapbook of short stories, is the co-author of Maytown Magic and Mayhem: Fifty Years of Mountain Basketball, and has an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Kentucky.

Mr. Allen, who studied under the “Man for All Genres,” David Madden, has taught at several writers’ workshops in Kentucky and Virginia, alongside numerous other authors, including Jim Wayne Miller, Judy Light Ayyildiz, Sharyn McCrumb, George Ella Lyon, and Denise Giardina. He is the editor of four novels and one non-fiction book, and is a former Chairman of the Board for Appalfolks of America in Clifton Forge, Virginia.

His latest work is his debut novel, Radiance So Bright. The following is an excerpted review of Mr. Allen’s novel by Judy Light Ayyildiz, herself the author of ten books: “S. T. Allen’s compelling novel, Radiance So Bright, moves us with fast-paced and vivid details into the innocent days of the 1950s of Southeastern Kentucky, where a boy’s dream of becoming special through skill on the basketball court turns into the discovery of the Light within that enables the triumph of the human spirit. Basketball fans will love the play-by-play descriptions so clearly written that even a novice like me could envision the court and its actions while I read—not a small feat for a writer to do, and much to the credit of Allen, who has written much about the game. Each chapter of the book begins with an epigram quote from mystics from various religious and spiritual masters throughout the ages, found in widely different parts of the world. With Uncle Josh’s tender guidance, Daniel is capable of gradually taking into himself the discipline and understanding of this universal Light that is the highest knowledge and energy of all of the masters, regardless of their journey. He opens to the possibility of his spiritual self and encounters, ‘all is One.’ A subtle undertone message that can be gleaned from the story is that prejudice, ignorance, and ego-arrogance are hard rocks in the soup of living. Allen is a good storyteller who knows how to capture the reader in a scene—and how to make him or her want to read the next. It’s all about action, character development, dialogue, and honesty. The pages of this novel are filled with those elements of Radiance.”

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