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The Foxes and the Hounds: Big Medicine River Days...

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Jack Justin Turner

Called the "Kentucky Gone With the Wind" and "the great Kentucky novel" by reviewers, THE FOXES AND THE HOUNDS follows the lives of two young men and two beautiful women as they make their way through Kentucky's most tumultuous days - from the Mountains to the Bluegrass - and into the expatriate mining communities of Kentuckians in Colorado.

In Big Medicine River Days, the initial volume of the trilogy, childhood friends and rivals Adrian Gault and Lawton Herald leave their homes in the mountains of Kentucky to travel north to the “Outside” to school. The Outside proves to be an education in more ways than one. The two young men assume roles and appearances designed to let them “fit in.” Both learn quickly that the mountains they are from, while regarded as a fearsome and dangerous part of the world, are a veritable storehouse of riches soon to be under siege from the Outside.

Lawton works to become a lawyer and Adrian a schoolteacher, but they both soon become embroiled in the mineral rights business. They buy for the Outsiders while waiting for the chance to take control of the business for themselves. Each is befriended or betrayed by remarkable characters with their own agendas. Adrian’s efforts take him to Chicago and New York, while Lawton finds himself reading law in courthouses where bullet holes riddle the walls.

With Copper John Castle, an entrepreneur who owns a hotel on the edge of the mountains, they form a lease-buying firm and employ a well known feudist - Rooster Clabe Osborne - for protection.

Thus begins an unforgettable and instant classic that presents the Kentucky Mountains - the area that stoked the fires of the Industrial Revolution - in a manner seldom seen: the way it actually happened.

Here is the rich and authentic world that Jack Justin Turner reveals, a world in many ways hidden and misunderstood for years by stereotypes and false reporting; and a world meticulously researched by Turner through over 20 years of searching through dusty attics, courthouse research, conversations with, and documents provided by, sources long gone but thanks to the author, never forgotten.

The Sheriffs' Trilogy is complete!

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