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The Foxes and the Hounds: Bluegrass Days...

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Jack Justin Turner

Bluegrass Days is Jack Justin Turner’s highly-acclaimed second volume of The Foxes and the Hounds trilogy. The novel continues the exciting journey of two young men and two beautiful women during Kentucky’s most tumultuous days - a time of family honor, mountain feuds, wild steamboat rides, flatland prostitution, prejudiced “Outsiders,” and the insatiable lust for mineral riches buried in the hills.

Bluegrass Days is historical fiction at its best. Thanks to Dr. Turner’s decades of fastidious research, and his ability to access supposedly sealed records, the reader is presented a beautifully written account of how things actually were, instead of the stereotypical views often accepted as fact.

The story continues: from the Kentucky hill country to the Bluegrass – with a side trip to Cuba with novelist John Fox, Jr. during the Spanish American War. Adrian continues his battles with greedy Northerners and other unscrupulous characters. There is an attempt on Lawton’s life, and he ends up involved in a dangerous trial in the small town of Viceroy. Lawton and Addie become engaged, seemingly dashing Adrian’s ambitions for Addie’s affection; and Adrian returns to Kentucky, travels to Lexington and Louisville – where he gets involved in the election of gubernatorial candidate William Goebel. The election heats up, blood flows, and all hell breaks loose. 

Reviewers have theorized that the two protagonists of Bluegrass Days actually portray the life of John C.C. Mayo, the native of The Big Sandy Valley in Kentucky who amassed great wealth during his short lifetime. Whatever the case, Dr. Turner’s epic trilogy puts the lie to the belief that all natives of the Kentucky hill country were taken advantage of by greedy “Outsiders.” The Foxes and the Hounds presents the reader with an eye-opening, powerful, and quite different reality.

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